cPanel has released cPanel & WHM Version 74 to the STABLE tier. It includes updates for some of our biggest features. Take a look at the full release notes. They have fixed many cases in this build, example, The cPanel Terminal feature will now use CageFS for CloudLinux users, Fix wildcard purchases in SSL/TLS Wizard and Ensure passwords are migrated when updating to MariaDB, etc.,

cPanel Release Version 74

cPanel Version 74 Features

Backups and Restorations 45-60% faster
– Since Version 64, we have been improving the speed of the backup and restore the system. This version brings in more of the improvements, providing more speed and flexibility in cPanel backups.

Git Automated Deployment
– Improving on the new Git Version Control feature, we now include the ability to automatically deploy changes merged into any branch of your cPanel-hosted git repositories.

Improved Domain Validation
– Both DNS-based DCV (Domain Control Validation) and Ancestor- (or primary-domain) DCV are added in Version 74. These two will reduce hiccups with SSL issued by AutoSSL and Market Place Providers.

Security Features

Stop Spammers and Protect Your Reputation Instantly
– Server owners can now select the action that the server should automatically perform when it detects potential spammers.

Protect Your Users from Malicious Email
– Apache SpamAssassin Spam Box is now enabled by default for new cPanel accounts, protecting users from common attack vectors.

Increase the Security of SSH Keys for cPanel Accounts
– Unless disabled, passwords are now required for any newly generated SSH Keys for cPanel users, increasing security for all cPanel & WHM Servers.

Disable Features at Account Restoration
– Administrators restoring accounts can now disable features as they are restoring accounts, rather than disabling them after the account is restored.

Additional Features

Hosting Provider Contact Information on placeholder pages
– cPanel now display the hosting provider’s contact information on Account Suspended and Default Webpage placeholder pages, allowing users to quickly and easily contact their providers directly!

More Flexible Package Account Options
– With Version 74 cPanel empower server owners to create manual account backups that work for them, by expanding the list things that can be excluded.

Track Remote MySQL Hosts
– cPanel has added a text box that allows users to record specific information about each MySQL host, which displays in the Manage Hosts table inside cPanel.

AutoSSL Notification Improvements
– cPanel has streamlined the number of configuration options for both WHM users and cPanel users. These changes make it easy and intuitive for users and administrators to configure AutoSSL notifications.

Added Market Provider Flexibility
– With Version 74, server owners can now define Wildcard SSL pricing on a per-domain basis using the cPanel Market Provider.

S3-Compatible Backup Destination
– cPanel has expanded the backup destinations further to include object storage destinations similar to Amazon S3.


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