login into cPanel
1. Open File Manager

2. navigate to /home/username/tmp/awstats/

3. edit the .conf file (e.g.

4. look for this line: AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser, set the value to 1 (AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=1)

5. Save the .conf file. When you refresh your statistics page. you will get ‘update now’ link at the top of the page.

WHM control panel

1: Login to your server using the root password.

2: Go to Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings

3: The reload of the page will present you with several options such as cPAddons, Display, Domains, Logging, Mail, Notifications, PHP, Redirection, SQL, Security, Software, Stats Programs, etc…

4: Hit the “Stats and Logs” to get the options listed under it.

5: Search for “Allows users to update AWstats from cPanel” on the page and select the “On” button on the right side of the page and save the settings.

SSH Root Login

1: Login to your server using the root password.

2: Open your users Awstats directory.

cd /home/cpaneluser/tmp/awstats/

3: Open your domain awstats configuration file


4: To enable change the value to AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=1


Save and exit

5: You need to run the following script for changes to take effect:

/scripts/runweblogs username

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