Let’s Encrypt is a trusted, open source certificate authority that offers free SSL certificates for your domains. Now Let’s Encrypt plugins is available for cPanel and how you can use them to install and renew free certificates in a few seconds. The Let’s Encrypt plugin allows you to automatically provision cPanel accounts with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for sites that do not already have valid CA-signed SSL certificates.

There are two important prerequisites to be met in order for a certificate to be able to issue.

  • The domain names you want signed must be pointing to this cPanel server already
  • The Let’s Encrypt™ CA must be able to visit http://your-domain/.well-known/xxxxx/xxx successfully. These directories/files will be created automatically, but you should take care that you do not have any .htaccess rules that prevent access.

Install Free Official cPanel Plugin

Log in to the command line via SSH as the root user.

Run the following command:


Login WHM

Go to SSL/TLS > Manage AutoSSL and choose the Let’s Encrypt option under Choose an AutoSSL provider and Click Save

letsencrypt plugin

Install letsencrypt plugin


To enable this option for users, click the Manage Users tab, then select the Enable radio button next to the user account names where you want to install certificates.

Click the Check button to enable AutoSSL. you can go back to the main Providers tab and click the Run AutoSSL For All Users button.


Disable and uninstall the Let’s Encrypt plugin

/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/uninstall_lets_encrypt_autossl_provider command


Install Let’s Encrypt cPanel Plugin using yum repository.

Log into your SSH client at root level, then add the Let’s Encrypt repository with the following command:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ && wget https://letsencrypt-for-cpanel.com/static/letsencrypt.repo

Install the plugin for cPanel.

yum -y install letsencrypt-cpanel

Once installation completed, Install Free SSL Certificate for your domains.

Log into cPanel, you should see a Let’s Encrypt for cPanel button under Security.

letsencrypt for cpanel

letsencrypt for cpanel


Click Lets Encrypt for cPanel

Toward the bottom of the page, you should see the Issue a new certificate section. It will show a list of all your active domains including variations of them with and without a www. prefix.

Click the Issue Single link beside the domain where you want your certificate installed.

letsencrypt SSL certificate

letsencrypt SSL certificate


Click one of the Issue Multiple links at the top or bottom of the list if you want to install on multiple domains. You can also install let’s encrypt free SSL certificate for mail SMTPS/POP3S/IMAPS.

Install Let’s Encrypt cPanel GitHub Plugin

Log into your SSH client at root level

# cd /opt
# /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/git clone https://github.com/Prajithp/letsencrypt-cpanel.git
# cd letsencrypt-cpanel
# ./install.sh

Log into cPanel
Go to Security and click the Let’s Encrypt link.

On the management page, click the New SSL Certificate button.


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