Anonymous FTP allows you and others that you give permission to, to access your “public_ftp” folder.

There are two options available:

1. –This allows others to view, delete, upload and download files directly into your “public_ftp” folder.

2. –This allows others to upload, view, delete, and download files located only within the public_ftp/incoming folder of your hosting account.

Warning: Anonymous FTP allows anyone access to a restricted area of your site. It is generally safest to not enable Anonymous FTP. If you do enable it, you are responsible for the bandwidth and space used.

To set Anonymous FTP access:

Click on the Ftp Manager button on the home page.

Click on the Anonymous FTP Controls link.

Click on the Allow anonymous access to tick box or the Allow anonymous upload to tick box. You must click on both tick boxes to enable uploads.

Click on the Save Settings button.

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