Find Symlink files or folders in your cpanel server

There are many symlink hacking attempt caused trouble in your server. they can create a sym link folder by using

script. This is major security issues. how to find all the symbolic links under a particular directory using the “find” command.

Use the below commands to find symlink directory in your cpanel server.

find <search folder path> -lname <symlink file path>

Use the below command to find all the sym link files

find /home -type l -printf '%p -> %l\n'


find /home -type l -exec ls -lad {} \;

List all symbolic links in current directory

find /home -type l

Another examples,

In order to find all the /root folder symlinks in your /home directory, use this command

cd /home

find -lname /root

Use ls command to lise all the sym links

ls -lahR | grep ^l

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